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Through our competitive bidding process and broad market reach, we ensure exit values for sellers are maximized.

Our fee's are aligned to the selling price and are always offset by the enhanced value we obtain on a transaction. 



Depending on your individual needs and time constraints, we run a very targetted process to ensure we close the transaction within the desired timeframe. 

In addition, all our buyers are pre-vetted to ensure no transactions fall over due to lack of funding capacity. 


As a result of our teams in depth knowledge and decades of experience within this space, we are able to provide expert advice around deal structuring and legal requirements to ensure minimum risk to the seller. 


We only represent the seller and and as such remain completely Independent throughout the whole process.

Unlike various other avenues, we have no reason to favour certain broking groups or insurers and  are able to ensure our client is able to get the best deal without any biased views.  


Our involvement doesn't stop once a deal is concluded and we aim to provide ongoing support to the seller.


In our experience this is a vital part of the offering as we ensure the buyer stays accountable to the deal and his undertakings around the business. 

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Andrew Reid, (Head of Continuity Solutions Division)
Cell: 083 672 4482

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